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New Realm Media is not a travel agency or tour operator, nor do we manage properties of hotel chains. We are a state of the art high tech multimedia company that specializes in information technology and web optimization. Our key business is being found on the internet - that is what we specialize in.

Property owners and managers wanted to increase the efficiency of there own web sites.

They wanted to reduce the amount of expenditure that they were paying by working with sites that booked there property for them (some agencies change as much as 20% commission for taking bookings)

They didn't want to manage lots and lots of information about there availability on a number of sites - this takes lots of time and cost time and is expensive.

The risk of double booking a room or apartment is quite high when you don't control the reservations directly - double bookings mean headaches and problems.

So after we learned what our clients wanted and needed, we went out and researched how best to build it. The version of the site you are viewing now has had many many evolutions, we adapted the best designs and then made it better and better. We studied the search engines and aligned our sites and technology to suit the ever changing needs of the web.

Our offer gives you the opportunity to appear on our sites. Essentially in simple terms, we provide a directory for accommodation which promotes your property, we put the client in touch with you directly and we don't charge any commissions or ongoing fees. Once you are a financial member of our directory all the traffic that we bring to your site is provided without any additional fees or charges.

As a result of our research and development, we have been able to attain a level of exposure on the Internet which provides us with over 1 million hits per month to our sites. The search engines have indexed our sites and our millions of pages and thousands of clients are extremely well positioned on the web.